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Franklin Baptist Church Family Life Center Rules and Terms



Franklin Baptist Church Family Life Center
3810 Нwу. 601 Salisbury, NC 28144
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Our Family Life Center was built for the purpose of Christian education, Spiritual growth, missions, worship, fellowship, and Christ-centered recreation. This building is dedicated to the glory of God for the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


1) The reservation for the use of the Family Life Center is limited to active adult Church members only. Only active adult Church members can request use of this facility and must be responsible and present when the building is being used by their family members.

2) Use of the Family Life Center will be for uses such as Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Mission Conferences, Association Activities, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Wedding Receptions, Showers, Birthdays, Youth Activities, and other Church approved activities. Franklin Baptist Church reserves the right to approve and/or deny any event.


1) Any one wishing to use the Family Life Center must schedule this through the online form or chairperson of the FLCC or Church secretary.

2) The Family life Center key will be obtained from the Church secretary after the event is approved and the key must be returned no later than the next day in order to avoid conflicts with others wanting to use facility.

Priority Of Family Life Center

1) No events will be able to be scheduled in advance of three months due to allowing the Church Council to schedule our Churches yearly activities (exception is weddings)

2) All other uses will be based on a first come first serve basis.

Availability of Family Life Center

The building cannot be scheduled for use during the following times unless it is Church-related:
1) Sunday Morning Services
2) On Sunday, no use before 1:00 pm and no use after 5:00 pm
3) Sunday Evening Services
4) Wednesday Evening Services and 1 hour prior
5) Revival Services and 2 hours prior
6) Vacation Bible School
7) Other planned special events related to our Church ministry that are announced in advance
8) All other calendar dates are open

Agreement: Rules for Family Life Center

1) Church member reserving Family Life Center will be responsible for:

a. Leaving facility in a clean and orderly manner.
b. Pick up and dispose of all trash.
c. Plastic liners must be used in all garbage containers inside the Family Life Center.
d. All left over food must be removed from Family Life Center, no food left in refrigerators.
e. Repair or replace any property or equipment maliciously damaged.
f. Building equipment will be left as found, tables and chair put up or left set up, etc.
g. Lights are to be turned off heat or AC set to instructions posted above thermostat.
h. Family Life Center is to be locked and left in clean condition.
i. Our Church will not be responsible for furnishing supplies for non-Church activities.

2) The Family Life Center will be used in keeping with Christian standards of conduct.
3) There is to be no alcoholic beverages, drugs, profanity, or tobacco used in the building.
4)There is to be no dancing, Raffles, or games of chance permitted.
5) All music in the building must be of a Christian nature.
6) Shirts will be worn at all times inside building.
7) All activities must be under the supervision of an adult Church member.
8) No bicycles, skateboards, large riding toys, basketballs, baseballs, etc. are allowed in this phase of the
Family Life Center.

(In the event that the Family Life Center is not cleaned after its use, there will be a minimum charge of a $50 cleaning fee.)


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